We are socially responsible


As a trading company, we appreciate customers’ trust for our business and products. Our economic success largely depends on the successful coordination of our key principles “simplicity” and “consumer orientation” with responsible use of natural resources and provision of a special treatment for customers, employees and business partners.

Under the motto “High quality – low prices” we update our activities on the theme Responsibility in KAM. We are aware that this responsibility can be fulfilled only with our highly motivated and committed employees. Therefore, it is our future aim to be a responsible and attractive employer.

Our goal is obtaining your permanent trust!


As a trading supermarket chain company, KAM stores cover the entire territory of Macedonia and are in daily contact with people on the spot. We consider ourselves as part of the society and within our possibilities we purposely engage with proven suppliers.

Product assortment

We guarantee high quality and safety of our products as health, protection and satisfaction of our customers is our key concern. Under the motto “High quality – low prices” we inform our customers about the products and aware consumption.


As a supermarket chain company, our employees are crucial and contribute to our economic success. Our company is distinguished by highly motivated and committed employees.