Company guiding principles

Our society, the environment and our company are in a process of constant development. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt the company principles to the current situation. They will be complemented in three areas: growth, compliance with law and regulations and long-term viability of operations.



As an international company we are aware of our size and public presence. Our business is defined by the company guiding and conduct principles.

  • Customer satisfaction is a feature of our business.
  • Our market position is determined by a carefully considered price-service ratio.
  • Our growth continues through expansion and constant improvement of our stores.
  • As a company comprised of a network of stores, we operate according to a defined system.
  • Quick decision making and simple workflow are crucial for our success.
  • We comply with all applicable law and internal guidelines and procedures.
  • We take economic, social and environmental responsibility in our daily work.
  • Fair-operation is an imperative for everyone in the company.
  • Mutual respect and support among employees.
  • We follow the climate of trust in our contracts.
  • The working environment in our daily work is characterized by praise, recognition and ability to accept criticism.
  • We are surrounded by loyal employees – in each sector replacement during absence is provided.