Kam market

KAM Ltd. was founded in Skopje in 1999, as a trading company with a single store located in the City Shopping Center. The company title KAM is the abbreviation of the founder Goce Kamcev’s surname.

KAM Market is the first chain of the hard discount stores present at the Macedonian market. There are 83 KAM stores operating in Macedonia today, located throughout the country. The company employs 1200 employees.

As one of the leaders in the discount trading industry, KAM Market offers the consumers the basic groups of food and consumer products with a supreme quality at remarkably low prices. KAM Market satisfies the needs of the entire family and with the regular weekly offers, four times a month brings a breath of fresh air in everyday life.

KAM follows the hard discount principles: supreme quality at the lowest possible prices. These principles guarantee success every day and everywhere – effectiveness, clear management structures, collegiality and fairness in the business. Our success is based upon carefully chosen variety of products with a focus on our own brands and on the proven brands as well. Our stores provide high quality fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of fresh pastry. This concept has provided a successful and rapid development of our store network throughout Macedonia in the past 24 years.